Friday, September 12, 2014

Heading North....

We left Crystal Palace yesterday morning heading towards Luton.  When we leave Crystal Palace we head north and drive straight through London.  Maybe I am a bit strange but I love driving through the centre of London!

Brixton was quiet for a change ...

 As we crossed the Thames Elaine took a pic of a stranded Hippo! 

We turned off the M1 at Luton and headed to Aldi for a stock up.

I was born in Luton and lived there all my life till I left for Oz in 1980.  It always saddens me to see what an absolute dump Luton has become.  I can't see what they can do with it now, to me it's beyond repair :(

We then moored up just outside Luton at the tiny hamlet of Fancott.  This is the fourth time we have stopped here.  The Fancott is a great pub, plus they supply a 240 hook up and water ... all free!

Click here for the link to the pub.

We arranged to meet up with some old friends of mine while we were here.  I worked with Will at Vauxhall in Luton in the 70s but Will and Sheila now live in Oz just north of Sydney.  They are over here for three months, on an extended holiday.

We had a great catch up from 17.00 until we were last to leave the pub just after 23.00!

The company, food and beer was superb.

We were having such a good old catch up that I forgot to take a pic, so I nicked one from back in Oz about 4 years ago!

Great to catch up guys and have a safe trip back ...

This morning we pick up my mum from Milton Keynes and head off for a long weekend at Billing Aquadrome.  It is the annual get together of my family, so it should be fun! 

Post Script:  After seeing the poppies at the Tower we looked into it further and found that you can buy one for £25, which you can get sent to you when the display is finished in November.  A great momento and 10% of the the money raised goes to six service charities.  Click here for more info.

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