Thursday, September 4, 2014

We Are Not Out of the Woods Yet!

Today we we were going to explore Bournemouth and Poole, but as we were moored up in such a lovely spot we thought we would just chill here today.

After breakfast we got the map out to plan the last few days of our UK tour.  We aim to finish back at Macclesfield on 16th September.  We are going to London next Tuesday for a couple of days then off to a family get together in Northamptonshire for a couple of days, so we just had to fill in the gaps in between.

This is the first time in five months that we have made a plan!  
The Chart Table.

Once we are back in Macc we will then prepare the motorhome for hopefully a quick sale.  It will also be the time to stop daily blogging as not a lot will be happening apart from cleaning the van and packing up all our stuff to be shipped back to Oz.  I don't think the blog will stop completely as it is such a habit I will have to be weaned off it slowly!

Next I will have to wean myself off the real ale in preparation for drinking Aussie lager.....uck!

Anyway, back to the present!  There are some lovely walks through the woods ...

There are deer about, but we haven't spotted any yet ...

This is the view from the side hatch, not bad eh ...

Tomorrow we will definitely go to Bournemouth and Poole!


  1. Go to Corfe castle, then Studland Bay & Old Harry rocks & cross into Poole on the chain ferry to Sandbanks, enjoy! X