Monday, September 1, 2014


Although we have been moored up in Totnes for the last few days, we hadn't checked out Totnes itself.

So, today was the day for checking out Totnes.  Paul and Julie swung by in the morning to say their farewells as they were heading off back to Maidstone.

Once they had gone we went for a walk around Totnes.  As the title of the post says, OMG ... this is the place we have been looking for, it is fantastic!

So what do we like.....

Quirky small shops and cafes, pubs with live music, alternative type people, no chavs, a river running through the town, boats, mainline railway to London, beaches close by, an area of outstanding natural beauty and a steam railway to Dartmoor. What more could you want?

The only downside is the weather - we don't know what the winters are like but all the locals we have spoke to reckon its not too bad.

Unfortunately the camera battery went flat so not many pics today ...

I love the name of this place, check out the link here for the Australian definition of a Bogan!

Of course we are still going back to Australia but this is the place we could both very happily settle down in one day.

Tomorrow we are off on a 'round robin' trip....down the river on the ferry to Dartmouth, then on a steam train to Paignton, then the bus back to the site.


  1. Caroline and MartinSeptember 1, 2014 at 8:55 PM

    So please you are enjoying my home county, the North and South coast are very different, and with Dartmoor in-between it has something for everyone, if you are travelling back on the South coast try the coast road to Exeter you'll have some lovely seaside towns to stop at along the way, and now with the schools going back you'll have some easy travelling. If you stop at Starcross (between Dawlish and Exeter) you could check the ferry to Exmouth out, there is also a fairly new cycle way that runs along by the railway from Topsham to towards Exmouth On the north coast Lynton and Lynmouth hare very different Newton Ferrers, near to Plymouth is also very lovely, a little place with River estuary and a laid back way. Enjoy wherever you go next, Caroline

    1. Hi Caroline, We will enjoy every second of wherever we go next.

  2. Take a visit to China Blue, a lovely gift and craft shop with a lovely cafe and Dartington Cider Press, both just outside of town but well worth a visit. Paula

    1. Hi Paula, we are running out of time so probably cant fit it all in.
      Paul x

  3. Hope it wasn't raining down there Paul, you may need to wear your anorak