Saturday, November 29, 2014

Day 5 From The City Of Love To The City Of Roundabouts!

It was an early start from the Paris Ghetto, we were on the road at 08.00!

We made good time and arrived at Calais so far ahead of schedule they put us on an earlier ferry....result.

The dogs had their passports checked and were scanned at the check in desk, the Ethiopian stowaways were removed from the boot then we were allowed on-board ...

This is the motorhome aire we stayed at last July. It was packed then but today there were about six motorhomes parked up ...

The dogs have to stay below decks in the car, which is cool.  They are happy in the car, they just sleep!

Goodbye Calais, goodbye France, goodbye mainland Europe.  Let's hope we can do it all again some day ...

We found a comfy spot in the lounge ... where we were on our own ...

We also spent some time on the sun deck!!

...albeit in our bubble coats!

This is a view you can never tire of ...

"There'll be bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover"

Sam was great at navigating in Spain and France but is crap in the UK so Bombo took over!  

It was lovely driving on the right correct side of the road again with the best drivers in the world!
It was also lovely to see the English countryside again, it is stunning even in the winter!

Check out the mini motorhome we spotted - it was tiny! 
... and check out the blue sky, what a bonus to come home to!

Our journey finished at my mum's house in Milton Keynes.   Door to door it was 1395 miles or 2245 ks at an average of 43.8 MPG. The little Citroen didn't miss a beat. 

My mother is away at the mo so we have the house to ourselves.  Tonight we had a yummy Indian takeaway and are vegging out in front of the box.

Next week we head north to look for somewhere to live for the next 6 months or so!

It's been a fantastic trip to Spain and we absolutely loved Mojacar, it is a truly cracking place to holiday or live.

So that is the end of another little adventure!  Sorry to say it's not the end of the blog, I will post again when something blogworthy comes up. 

Hugs from roundabout city xxx