Saturday, March 21, 2015

Clean Up And Check Over Day

Today was tidy up Britain day, so as we went on our morning walk with the dogs Elaine easily filled a large bag with discarded crap.

We are constantly amazed at the discarded litter that blights the UK, you don't see it in Australia ... I just don't get it.

A quick story..... I was filling my car up with petrol back in Oz, where a cop was doing the same thing.  A young scrote pulled into the filling station, chucking a fag butt out of the window as he drove on the forecourt.  The cop spotted him and told him to go and find it and put it in the bin.  Scrote reckoned he couldn't find it so the cop said 'no probs, I will fine you for littering'.  The scrote looked a a bit harder and found it! 

That's the way to do it!
Angry of Mayfair

Amazingly, Elaine picked up loads of dogshit bags containing the said dogshit, just left on the pavement ... shoot the bastards!! 

After walking the dogs and brekkie we went up to the van to check it over with a fine tooth comb.  All I found was a small screw missing off of a shower roller.  Elaine started packing away bits and pieces and lining the draws and cupboards with non slip rubber.

I had to have a play with the self seeking satellite as well!  It works a treat, just turn it on and away it goes ...

It looks like bloody Jodrell Bank on the roof ...

We also stashed away the continental touring maps along with the special fluffy pen location marker ...

Here it is in action last year ...


  1. So when are you heading off?
    I love reading your blog by the way - we came through Bollington a couple of times (four actually) last year as we traversed the Maccie for a couple of months. We thought Bollington was lovely.
    Cheers, Marilyn (nb Waka Huia)

    1. The lease on the cottage expires mid June, so we will take off after that. We will see a bit more of the UK before heading across the channel in September...all going well!

  2. Slightly jealous of the self seeking satellite dish. However it will be as much use as a chocolate tea pot in Spain. Since they replaced the satellite that provided our free to air UK channels last year on a different beam, there isn't much left to watch there, if anything at all. What do you think of the Rapido so far. High quality fit out, even a little heavy, in the case of the table?

    1. Very high quality, we love the big dining table.