Saturday, March 7, 2015

Honey I Destroyed The Kettle

I totally agree with the statement that men cant multi task.

Case in point.....this morning  I was making Elaine breakfast in bed whilst watching Sammie out the back yard (he was having a wee and its not fenced off)  I also put the kettle on the gas stove to make a pot of tea and at the same time reading a letter from Barclays  about my Bankcard getting compromised and some nice person going on a spending spree.

So what was the problem?????? 

Plastic bottomed electric kettles don't like being put on a stove! I came back into the kitchen and thought why is the kettle on fire and black smoke pouring out of it!

No harm done apart from the kettle that is.

I really did live up to my cup!

  1.  It was a lovely Russell Hobbs kettle, and I mean was.

So back to the bankcard, apparently someone got hold of the details of my card and spent £484 at Tesco and £980 at House of Fraser, the first I heard of it was when we got a message on the phone from Barclays asking about some recent transactions and did I make them, as soon as I typed back no I was sent a message to ring the fraud department, which I thought itself was a scam, but as I got talking to my Indian friend I realised the they were legit. apparently the money was spent in Manchester, we were in Manchester on Monday and Tuesday, so someone must have got the details then. Its all sorted I now have a new card.

I have also been shopping for goodies for the motorhome, I gave all the stuff away with the last motorhome, now I have to buy it all over again doh!
One of the things I bought today was a nice stove top kettle, we can use it in the house as well as the motorhome.

I have also been trying to get a good deal on motorhome insurance, it is a bloody nightmare with so many questions and once again because we don't own a house in the UK you are treated like some third world gypo!

It was so easy last time, perhaps because the address we had was Aston Marina and the motorhome was secure in a private compound, some of the companies I have been taking to wont even touch me because it is being stored on a working farm.

We are getting there slowly, I am trying to get a deal where we can also get European breakdown cover thrown in at a decent price.


  1. Saga worked for us. Probably not the cheapest, but lessons learned with the boat told me that cheapest is not bestest! They have European recovery included for the size of our Rapido, and they were not at all bothered where it was kept when we were not using it, as some were - insisting on registered specialist storage places.

    1. I just filled out the saga form, it want me to call as it wont quote on line. Your insurance drama is the reason I am shopping around and reading all the small print. The problem seems to be the location we are living in! perhaps its too close to Stockport!

    2. I don't think the Stockport postcode could be worse than ours! When our son moved out to Standish near Wigan all his insurance bills dropped by £ hundreds! Ours must be a den of iniquity.

  2. Lol, taken very bad care of that gear.