Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring is In The Air

Fortunately this particular 'spring' wasn't in the air, it was caught in its catcher ...

The mighty C3 has recently developed a fair old knock from the front end, so I had a poke around and discovered that one of the front springs had broken!!  I had never heard of a spring breaking before, but after googling it I was amazed at what a common problem it is ... and not only Citroen but Pugs, VWs, Fords to name a few!

I also noticed on t'internet that there had been a recall on the C3 in 2003 as some of the front springs had broken and punctured front tyres with a couple of fatal results!   So, to fix the problem they fitted spring catchers to catch the broken bits rather than make a decent f'kin spring!  The spring catcher had worked on ours.

The car was also due for an MOT so she went into hospital on Monday morning.  It made sense to replace both front springs while she was there.  The garage also reported that she had a worn bottom suspension arm, so that was to be replaced as well!

Last week I also replaced both the rear tyres, so this month's budget is well and truly blown ... oh, I forgot, I don't do a budget so no point in worrying is there?!!

Unfortunately, because of the suspension arm she had to stay in ICU for a couple of days, which was a bit of a bugger because we were going to Stone to join the winter boaters on the-nearly-the- final-before-the-maybe-the-last-which-is-before-the-absolute-last drink before they scatter all over the UK.

Never mind, we made do with watching Arsenal vs Monaco whilst scoffing a very tasty Indian takeaway.  (Well, we both did the takeaway bit, but the football always seems to make El fall asleep!)

We picked up the motor today.  She feels a lot smoother, although it wasn't too bad before.  One very noticeable difference is that the front end has risen by a couple of inches!  It was always very low and it was always scraping the front spoiler on any slight bump.

Other happenings ...

The front room is filling up nicely with goodies ordered in for the motorhome - which we pick up this Friday.  Even getting there is going to be fun ... train from Macclesfield to Stockport, then change for a train to Doncaster, then finally a train to Newark.  

There she is waiting for us ...


  1. Having worked for a franchised motor dealer for three years after I retired from mainstream employment, I found out there that cars built for the UK market are now supplied with upgraded springs over standard due to the generally poor quality of our road surfaces, which don't seem to be improving anytime soon.

    1. I worked in the service dept of Vauxhall motors from 1972-1980, never ever did I hear of a spring breaking.

  2. So Paul, your front end has risen by a couple of inches, are you bragging or complaining? 😜

    1. Its been sagging for a while, so I be bragging.