Sunday, March 1, 2015

So How Did We End Up Buying A Motorhome?

Right now we should be back in Australia, the dogs out of quarantine, me back working and living in our new pad.  Instead we have bought a motorhome with plans to tour the UK and Europe once more.

What happened you may ask......?

Due to some unfortunate events that I don't want to blog about we decided to cancel any plans to return to Australia for the immediate future, but we decided to keep hold of our property over there as the prices in Sydney are still on the rise.  If we sold it we would never ever be able to return to OZ. For the same reason we also had to cancel any plans to live in Spain on a permanent basis.

We were left with 4 choices.....

1. Buy a house in the UK.

2. Carry on renting a house in Bollington.

3. Buy a narrowboat and carry on cruising.

4. Buy a motorhome.

1 and 2 were ruled out for a few reasons ... as much as we love the UK, we don't love the UK winter, We also still have a huge urge to keep travelling in some sort of way.  Plus options 1and 2 are quite expensive.

We seriously considered buying another boat, thinking we could cruise during the summer and run off to Spain for a few months over winter.  It was very tempting and it was the way we were heading.

Then ... a couple of weeks ago we were laying on the grass at Lands End contemplating our future, the sun was out and the view of the crashing waves and surf was sublime ...

As we lay there whispering sweet nothings into each others ears, Elaine said the happiest she had been since we had left Oz was when we were in the motorhome cruising through Europe  and enjoying the stunning scenery, the glorious beaches and most importantly for us ... lovely weather!

Such as ...

The seed was sewn and two weeks later we bought our new motorhome!

So there you have it ... our decision making process and the result!


  1. Mmmm return to work or travel around Europe in the sun I can see how that could be a difficult decision. Now you need to sell it to us all again, like you did last time, I think there still is a gap in my life plan for such an adventure. I especially like the clarity and speed of your decision making - inspiring.

    1. Cheers nev. Once the decision is made the rest just falls into place.......sort of!

  2. Wish I was as rich as you !!
    (Where can I send the begging letter to ? ) ;-0

    1. Far from rich alf. Downsizing and checking out with a zero bank balance is the key

    2. Like, Like, Like!!! Hugs, Hugs, Hugs xxx