Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Crook in Limoux

This is the Aire we are staying at in Limoux.  It is very quiet, it is very close to the centre of town, it sits on a river and it is free, also with free services!

We went for another walk about later yesterday afternoon but this time we crossed the river to check out the other side of the town ... 

... it is basically the residential area of Limouux. 

This is the museum of the piano! 

The railway station is a strange affair ...

It handles about 5 trains a day.  I say train ... it consists of one carriage!

Here is my train spotting crew ... patiently waiting !

There is the Aire, on the banks of the river Aude ...

This morning I woke up feeling very peculiar ... I couldn't focus my eyes and felt nauseous, the result being I spent most of the day in bed.  Elaine looked after me well ... she fed and watered me, made me take evil tasting herbs and 'candled' my ears while I was trying to sleep!!

Apart from being my nursemaid, Elaine also went on a couple of walks with the dogs and finished off her latest creation ...

She made this complete thing out of various flotsam and jetsam she has found on her travels.
What a clever girl she is ...

Tonight I am feeling a lot better, so we will be on track for more travels tomorrow!

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