Saturday, September 12, 2015

Nice But Far Too Busy

Elaine hasn't been feeling the best for the last couple of days, so whilst she stayed back at the camp with the boys, I broke out the treadlie and went for a ride around San Tropez Bay.  It's cycle paths 99% of the way and most importantly for a man not in peak physical condition, it's flat!!

Its a big bay, but I only made it round about a third of it ...

A cruise ship was in the bay on a stopover ...

Glorious weather with a nice temp of 28 degrees, which for some reason has always been my favourite and perfect temperature ...

When I reached Sainte Maxime they were having their annual motorshow, but unlike most motorshows it was in the open air on the beach promenade and was free.

The French do make some rather strange cars ...
I took this pic for El .... and, predictably, she loves it!

All the major manufacturers where there ...

Couldn't help noticing how the latest offering from Suzuki stole its design from ...  

Range Rover! 

Last night we went to dinner at the local campsite restaurant.  On the way there I took a pic of a typical Dutch campsite set up.  It was getting dark so not the best quality pic, but you get the idea ... loadsa crap!

We are moving on tomorrow but we are not sure where to yet.  We want to go somewhere a little less crowded and hectic. As I mentioned the other day we came here last year but we were on the beach side of the campsite and it was very peaceful with not too many people.  However, as you can see from the pic below this time they are jammed in and it is nearly as bad this side!

 No problems with the weather etc, but I think we have been spoilt the last few weeks by staying at some beautiful uncrowded places, so we will move on and try and find some more.   Any suggestions welcome, we will be travelling towards the Spanish coast.


  1. Argelès-sur-Mer, Collioure, Port-Vendres, Banyuls-sur-Mer & Cerbère all south of Perpignan. Stick to the winding coast road for some spectacular views over the sea. All the towns are excellent and should not be to busy at this time of year:) Enjoy!

    1. Thanks for that Kev we will check it out.