Thursday, September 24, 2015

Onto Collioure

We left Limoux yesterday on cloudy and rainy day.

Mr Tom Tom took us on the scenic route.

We drove through a bit of French deliverance country, these good old boys were all sporting rifles and were about to go a hunting. 

Just down the road some wild boars ran across the road in front of of us, hopefully the hunters didn't catch up with them. 

We drove through a few quiet little villages on the way to our destination.

And there she is...Duilhac-Sous-Peyrepertuse, a little village sat up in the Pyrenees mountains .

The war memorial was quite a modern affair. 

The town is dominated by the castle that sits high up behind the village. 

The church had an amazing stone roof. 

The spring was still supplying water to the old water troughs. 

The village was the quietest one we have visited so far in France, it has 140 inhabitants....we met three! 

We like it quiet but this was a bit too quiet. 

The local dog was very friendly. 

Later on in the day the Aire filled up, once again it was another freebie. 

We left the village this morning in glorious sunshine. 

The views were sublime in the clear sky. 

It was a bit of a shock to the system to get to Perpignam  with busy roads.
We stopped off at a Intermarche hypermarket for a shopping top up, the bloody place was far too big with far too many choices, back to Aldi for us. 

Our destination for today was the little village of Collioure. 

We checked into a campsite 1.5ks outside of Collioure, we will stay for a few days. The local Aire charged 12 Euros, it wasn't much more for a campsite with elec and heated pool etc.
We got a nice pitch overlooking the Med. 

All set up for a few days. 

Later in the day we went for a walk down to the local beach, I sat in the sun with Sammie.....

 ......whilst Elaine and her sidekick Bombo foraged for more treasure to make her arty stuff. 

I think we will like it here.


  1. Oh happy day(s), I remember so well being at all those places shown in your photos, even to the rusty iron gate to your right Paul :)

    If you want to treat Elaine to a special night out try this place, it's excellent...
    I don't think you'll get the bus through the tunnels, but it's only a short walk.
    (btw they only take cash, no cards)

  2. We had our big lunch today, and as this is a long trip and we are on a bit of a budget the next dinner out will be in Spain, which hopefully will be a lot cheaper.
    Looks a nice restaurant tho.