Sunday, December 18, 2016

Huge Storm..

As promised the storm hit us yesterday, I have never witnessed a storm like it, the locals who haved lived here years also said it was one of the worst on record.

The house was shaking last night with wind gusts of 100ks, the thunder and lightning went on all night until 05,30 this morning.

I had some very minor water leaks under doors but nothing major, the power was on and off all night and the internet has just come back on.

I went out earlier and took some pics, I couldnt go too far because of road closures, I fear some other local communities have really suffered.

The forecast is sunshine back tomorrow, so it wont be long before it all returns to normal.


  1. Wow! A big clean up there today then Paul. Stay safe. x

  2. Think Christmas on the beach is a no brainer, nearest one to us is trashed. They even have to import sand afterwards! Never mind, we´re drenched in sunshine again now, and we have contingency plans if the beach is still shut. Like you we´re uphill so we were ok, but I feel sorry for those who have to do a big clean up. 15 minutes drive from here is in a right mess. People have said the same here "never known anything like it". I did some research and it´s over 30 years ago since anything like this happened!

  3. Hi Paul. Hope all is well as you head into the Xmas season. I am sure Elaine will be with you in some way. Take care.