Friday, December 9, 2016

This and That....

Weather wise it's been a grim week, its been very very wet and quite cold, the rain was quite incredible, you can see the distinct line in the sea, the closest colour being due to  all the crap being washed down the storm drains.

Two of my old school mates were in Mojacar last weekend, I have known Steve and Des since school days in the late 60s we were best mates until I left for Oz on 1980.
We had a great catchup and numerous beers, Steve has a holiday place down here so I'm sure we will get together on a few more occasions.

There have been a lot of Christmas fairs taking place recently, I took the boys to one being hosted by the local Spanish community, they were just starting cooking up the giant paella.

Something I thought I would never do on my own.........put up the Christmas tree. Elaine loved Christmas and she loved the tree that we bought with us from Australia, I wanted to dump it when we left Oz in 2012 but Elaine got so upset so we kept it.

It didnt take too long to put up, its the first time I have done it, in previous years it miraculously appeared when I was out of the house.

Apart from anything else it gives something for the dogs to wee on.

I also decorated the dogs.

I have had a motorcycle in the garage  for the last year, I have been trying for the last two months to put it in my name, in the UK its easy, tear a bit of paper off fill out the form and send it off .....Not in Spain, you cant do it yourself you have to use a solicitor, you cannot believe the amount of paperwork involved for such a simple transaction. I have been trying so hard to keep calm whilst this has dragged on for weeks but today  finally I lost it, I will do a blog post about it when I finally start riding the bloody thing. I cant believe people whinge about the DVLA in the UK,  they are a five star outfit compared with the dills out here.  Of course the general comment is ....Its Spain get used to it!! I cant stand bad service let alone no service.

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