Sunday, December 11, 2016

Another Day in Paradise

For obvious reasons 2016 has been without a doubt the worst year of my life, there is nothing 
 I can do about it and as I'm often told life goes on.

So where does my life go from here????

For a start I'm just about to sign up for another year in the villa, this should give me plenty of time to contemplate some sort of future.

At the moment I can't see Mojacar or Spain being my permanent forever home. After travelling a lot throughout Spain I am definitely living in the best part, it really is a little bit of paradise.

As I have said many times before if you want lots of shops, cinemas and water parks etc, Mojacar isn't for you, if you want an incredibly laid back lifestyle this is the place.

The only downside of course is dealing with the Spanish bureaucracy and chronic nepotism, which isn't just in this area its endemic to the whole of Spain. Its a big shame but its not my country, and in my opinion it will never change.

But.....I'm not here to run a business or even work, I'm here like 99.9% of the immigrants  for the SUN, not the crappy old rag that you wouldn't use for bog roll, no the sunshine!! Im not into just laying out sunbathing I like the lifestyle that sunshine brings with it, walking in shorts and t shirts, alfresco dining, and just the general happiness that sunshine brings, and this is winter!

The sun has been missing for the last couple of weeks but now it's back with a vengeance and looks like its going to be back for a while.

So back to the title of the post..... Yesterday was a cracker, so I took the boys for a walk along my stretch of the beach, Mojacar beach is about 5 miles long, but this part is just down the road from my villa and of course is the best part!! 

There is a breakwater at each end of this part of the beach, they are about one mile apart. 

This is where we will be doing the Elaine Mcbride Memorial new years day swim. 

Its the most sheltered part of the beach. 

And looking the other way. 

They have started to groom the beach after the recent storms. 

So there you go it really is a little bit of paradise.

As I mentioned earlier I'm here for another year all going well, but I constantly get drawn back to a life on the canals and I'm pretty sure this is where my future lies, the only caveat being I would have to escape the UK winter.   This is exactly what the boaters who are here at the moment are doing and to my mind seems the most perfect situation to be in.

But who knows what may happen in the next year.....for the moment paradise will do nicely X.  


  1. hi paul, I have followed your blog for quite a few years now and was very sad to hear about elaines death.
    my wife died of breast cancer nearly 9 yrs ago and I know how you feel and your doing the right thing by keeping your blog going.
    I bought a narrowboat the yr after my wife died and it took my mind off of things finishing it off and i've had many a happy time with it since.
    I recently started having bereavement counselling from cruse bereavement as I had none after my wife died and it is certainly helping a lot, but I don't expect they have it where you are but always good to find out if they do.
    you sometimes go to MK and I only live down the road at toddington so next time if you want to get in touch please do
    very best regards,

    1. Hi Clive, Thanks for that, I know Toddington well, I was born in Luton and lived there for 23 years, most of my family now live in MK.

    2. hi paul, toddington is now down to only 4 pubs but got a great indian restaurant now called red chilli. my boat is moored 10 miles away at grove lock marina, have you ever been to the pub there or the globe inn a few miles away.
      take care and enjoy the sun as wet and chilly here
      if your back here anytime and fancy a drink my mobile is 07759574270

  2. Paul-always good to have plans! There will be many people who will welcome you back onto the canals in the UK! Couldn't agree more though to escape the short days of winter in the UK! If you need a canal fix let me know and lets see if you could borrow Pendle Warter for a couple of weeks in 2017. All the best. Richard