Monday, December 26, 2016

Boxing Day...

What a lovely view to wake up to.

Its been another lovely day doing seriously nothing except walking, reading and lying in the sun. 

I spent a while sat on the beach this morning just looking out on the oh so calm Med.

For me this is a great place to be at the moment, Christmas Eve was the big party night, this is now my time to just sit and reflect, I'm loving it so much I will stay a bit longer.

I had a couple of visitors come to see me from Mojacar. We met Wendy and Barry over a year ago when we first got to Mojacar, they are Canadians and have been travelling through Europe for the last few years looking for their Nirvana, they found it at Mojacar. Elaine and Wendy were best mates, Wendy flew over to the UK to see Elaine whilst she was in the hospice which was much appreciated by Elaine and myself.

I took this shot of Elaine shining down on her!!! 

They also bought me some of yesterdays Christmas dinner, I had the works tonight plus dessert, it was lovely, yesterday I ate crap!

More nothing tomorrow please.

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