Sunday, June 19, 2016

Life On The Farm

 I have now been here for over two weeks, it really is quite a nice spot to be moored up in. During the week I am on my own but come the weekend I am joined by a few campers, caravans and motorhomes.

The farm is a working farm not just a campsite, there are cows and sheep but the main part of the farm are the  stables housing about 25 horses.  

This is the main entrance.

One of the locals. 

Tho pics don't show how pretty it is here. 

Plenty of walking for the boys. 

Our mooring. 

My mate Dumbledore. 

The Macclesfield canal is very close and is also a lovely walk for the boys with maximum sniffage. 

Talking of the boys they are sitting waiting patiently for their mum to come home.

Meanwhile up at the Christie hospital Elaine is still in isolation, she now has low blood pressure and the  potassium readings in her blood are far too high.

She is still far to ill for chemo but is stoic as ever and thanks everyone for their kind wishes xx

Of course now my editor is now hopitalised  the blog will be suffering from poor grandmar and spillin!!

This cannot be helped, English wasn't my favourite subject!!! 

I is a mechanic init!


  1. I just wanted to add my best wishes to all the others. I've been reading, and enjoying, your tales of your adventures over the past few years. I'm really sorry to hear that Elaine is so ill and you're both in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Very best wishes to Elaine, but yes your spelling needs attention, it's innit, 2 n's.

  3. More very best Kiwi wishes from us, as well. Thinking of you both.
    Robin and Jenny, Romany Rambler

  4. Best wishes to you both and the boys of course. Finking of yoo.

  5. Hi Paul, Just wanted to say that although we've been a bit quiet of late, we've been thinking of you and Elaine and checking the blog for the updates. We just wanted to send our very best wishes and lots of love. Esther and Dan xx

  6. Bet rugby isn't at the moment either! Didn't we do well! Thinking of you both. Ali xx