Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Macclesfield Canal Reopens

I walk past here every morning whilst walking the doggies, its such a classic canal scene. It's the Gurnett aqueduct on the Macc canal, the farm we are moored up in is behind the trees on the right.

And a bit further around the loop the scenery is just stunning, as I have said many times England in summer is unbeatable. 

Past one of the many lovely cottages in the village of Sutton 

Later in the day I drove over to Bollington to pick up my bag wash from the launderette.

I took a walk up to the canal to see how the repair was going and lo and behold its open again, the Cheshire ring is in action again, to be fair I didn't see one boat on the move!

Walking along the canals checking out the boats gives me a serious hankering to get another day! 

I also noticed that The Holy Bush pub has reopened, it is the closest pub to the canal if you are moored up by the Aqueduct. It has been shut for nearly two years, so that's 13 pubs in Bolly now.

Meanwhile up at The Christie Hospital I would love to report that Elaine is improving but sadly its not the case.

She is now in an isolation ward because of infection and also has other complications.

As ever she puts a positive spin on it and enjoys the room because it has a view and she can see the sky again!!


  1. So sorry to hear Elaine is still so poorly
    Best wishes to you both

  2. Hi Paul, please give Elaine a hug from the two of us when you're over at the hospital, and have a group hug with Sammy and Bombo. Pamela & Ken

  3. As a fellow Aussie motorhomer, now located in the UK, and still motorhoming 😊, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog (since about 2013) and feel a fond regard for you both. Please continue posting updates on Elaine's health as long as you feel able to - I actually skip to the end of your posts first to hear how she (and you) are going and of course your adorable fur babies. Annie xx

  4. We send love and hugs to you both. You are both in our thoughts, hearts and prayers. xx