Monday, June 27, 2016

More Visitors..

Its been a busy couple of days with visitors.

Yesterday we had Elaine's dad Burt plus brother Trev.
Wendy from Mojacar was also there, we had a nice afternoon having a few cans of  Guinness and cider.

Today I went to Macclesfield station to pick up Elaine's nieces Leyna and Josie, they had caught the train up from London to spend the day with Elaine. Before taking them to see Elaine we popped in to see their Grandad Burt, they haven't seen him in far too many years.

Today Wendy went shopping and bought Elaine some nice new tops, skirts and trousers, which was much appreciated, especially by me as I really didn't fancy doing it, gawd knows what I would have ended up buying!

Here they are posing with the hug monkey, Wendy brought him over from Mojacar, he was supplied by Anika who runs a beach bar and has been hugged by all Elaine's Mojacar friends. Elaine loves him. 

A lovely bunch of flowers arrived courtesy of my ex receptionist and accountant from my old company All Marine Spares in Sydney. 

In the afternoon we were joined by Elaines nephew Anthony from Macclesfield, here he is with his cousins and auntie Elaine.

All of us in the hospice garden. 

Late in the afternoon I took Wendy to a B&B close to Manchester airport as she has a early flight back to Spain in the morning.
It was then back to the Hospice in time to run Leyna and Josie down to the station for their trip back daan saaf.
Next stop was the pub for a quick pint before returning to the van to watch England get beat by Iceland!!

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