Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What Can I Say...... More Visitors

Yesterday was very quiet on the visitor front, just me and the dogs, who to be quite honest are pretty crap visitors, they just like to sleep.

Today was very busy with 12 visitors spread throughout the day.

I missed a few of today's visitors, but as they are locals will get a pic of them later. 

Today's visitors included Pam and Ken, Pam is ex Australia they now living in the Scottish Highlands.

Sheila and Greg ex Australia now living in Runcorn, they came bearing loads of gifts, including two packets of Tim Tams! 

A basket-full of flowers arrived courtesy of John and Ali off of NB Triskaideka. 

The gift corner is getting bigger 

This is my side of the family, my mum Margaret, sister Jackie and niece Hayley, they bought a lovely bracelet for Elaine which she loved. 

I should also mention that we have had a lovely donation for the Hospice from Roly and Bev off of NB Klara, lots of goodies from various boaters but I'm afraid I'm forgetting who brought or sent what. Its all been a bit busy and emotional as you can imagine, so sorry if I forgot you

I'm not sure if its the right thing to do but if anyone wants to send a donation to the hospice they would be most grateful as would Elaine and myself. They do a fantastic job.

You can find all the details here...

Please let me know if you do donate so I can thank you .....

Tomorrow should be a lot quieter, only one visitor booken in so far!

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