Sunday, February 19, 2017

All Sorts!!!

We had a quick family get together last Thursday morning, where we spoke about mum and how the house cleanup was going to be sorted, I felt so guilty that I wouldn't be there to help, but apparently it's just about done with everyone mucking in to help.

My sister Jackie put some photos up on facebook, so I have nicked them and put them on here. The photos are of a very young mum and dad on their wedding day and honeymoon. They got married in 1952 and went to Jersey for their honeymoon.

Dad died in 1983, so mum will be buried next to him on March 14th, I will go over a few days earlier and catch up with Elaine's sister, I fly back to Mojacar on the 15th March, my sister Jackie and niece Hayley will be coming back with me.

I managed to get in a canal fix before I left.

I have always loved the Three Locks at Stoke Hammond, we used to come here with mum and dad in the 60s, and also passed it in our boat.

Passing through the locks in June 2013, will I go through them again one day????

The flight back to Spain didn't quite to go to plan, we were just about to touch down in Murcia when we lifted off again, there was a fire on the end of the runway and it was too dangerous to land. We diverted to Alicante then they bussed us back to Murcia where I picked up my car and drove back to Mojacar, so rather than being home by 2200 I just made it by 01.00, luckily the pub was still open so I had a quick beer, the first one in 5 days...I think I deserved it!

Up early on friday, first stop was the kennels to pick up the boys, they were so happy to see me, I absolutely hate leaving them but there is no other way. 

Second stop was to the solicitors where I picked up the paperwork for the  Citroen, I could then go to the garage and have the Spanish plates made up....The car is now a Spaniard and full legal here in Spain. It is very different to other old cars in Spain, mine is dent free and shiny, hopefully it will keep that way, it had also increased in value by about 600% I kid you not, the book value in the UK is £250, it's now worth about £1500 here! 

Yesterday was my birthday, I had a quiet one in the day then went down the pub to catch up with a few friends, it went on longer than planned with a quick visit to the chinky, then back to the pub for a few more drinks before calling it quits at 01.30!  It was a very bitter sweet birthday as it was six months to the day since Elaine died and only 2 days since mum had gone. 

I am a very much glass half full person so life will go on, I'm still nowhere near as happy as I was when Elaine was with me but it does get a little more bearable as time goes on.

Yesterday I also met up Allen and Amanda the lovely Australian couple who want to buy the motorhome, we sat in the van for over three hours then went on a test drive, they loved it and have made an offer which I have accepted. The only hurdle is that they have to get it insured which is a bloody nightmare as they have no UK address and Australian drivers licence etc. UK insurance companies really do need a kick up the arse, they are so hard to deal with and have so many ridiculous conditions which basically make it so easy for them to wriggle out of any claim they may have against them, my 2 key hates in the UK are insurance companies and getting charged when you ring a company etc.....In Australia most companies have freephones, they WANT your business. 

Even in bureaucratic Spain, insurance is easy, the Citroen is now insured with a Spanish company, anyone can drive it as long as they hold a drivers licence, it doesnt even matter what county the licence is held in, its simple.  

Once the van goes what next??  It will be the first time since Jan 2012 that I haven't got a boat or motorhome. I feel it wont be long before I do something about it, maybe a caravan....a smaller motorhome or maybe another boat!!!!

I can feel a plan coming on!

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