Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Manly Ferry Motorhome is Sold Thanks To The Blog

I delivered The Manly Ferry to its new owners today. They are a lovely Australian couple and I wish Allen and Amanda all the best on their future adventures.

I sold the boat through the blog and now the motorhome, its a great way to sell as there is a history that can be checked quite easily, I suppose you could fake the problems, but thats not me, honesty is the best policy and if you are realistic with your price its a winner. They had never seen the motorhome before but were delighted when they saw her in the flesh.

Its now in a site up in Mojacar Pueblo, they will spend a week or so up there kitting her out with their personal bits and pieces then they are off exploring Europe.

I really would have loved to have kept her but living in Spain and having a UK plated van is basically illegal. you might get away with it but if you did have an accident of it was stolen I can absolutely guarantee that the English insurer wouldnt pay, they struggle to pay when you are legal!

I will miss it terribly as it made it so easy to get away especially with the two dogs  plus it was a fantastic motorhome. 

I may have a look around at some Spanish motorhomes, but like their second hand cars they are massively overpriced and crap. 

Mums funeral is on the 14th March so I will fly over there on the 11th and come back on the 15th.

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