Monday, February 27, 2017

Coming and Goings At The MCC (Mojacar Canal Club)

Yesterday we bade farewell to Cathy and Martin (NB Moriarty), they have been here since October, today they returned to their boat in the UK .
They have already booked their flights and accommodation for next October.
See ya later guys xx

Today we welcome Dot and Gordon from NB Ewn-Ha-Cul they are staying for a month. 

This is what they come for.... 

As I've mentioned before Mojacar really is a lovely place to be, its without a doubt the nicest place in Spain unless you like huge shopping centres etc, because there are none!

The MCC is going from strength to strength, we have more members this year, and they are all without fail coming again next year, maybe even more boaters will come next year to escape the dreadful English winter.

Im sad to say that I have literally done nothing this season for the MCC, since losing Elaine my motivation levels have dropped to Zero. Thankfully other boaters Andy and Sue (NB Festina Lente) who have been here for a few months plus a couple of Canadian friends who live here (Barry and Wendy) have stepped up to the plate and have been looking at accommodation and showing the new arrivals the lie of the land.

I did start the new year with a fair bit of optimism, but then mother became seriously ill and died, I'm still not really sure I was unlucky or lucky to be with her when she took her last breath.

Then I sold the motorhome which was the last great memory of my travelling around Europe with Elaine, it was my choice but still upsetting nonetheless.  

The last couple of weeks I have felt really down, with the occasional black thoughts entering my head.

Below sums up how I felt.

So....last Friday night it all came to a head, I was in the pub it was getting late and I was talking to a lovely young girl who had lost her mother to bastard cancer, her mother was only 51!

Im still not sure what triggered it but the next minute in a crowded pub I was bawling my eyes out, the poor girl was apologising for upsetting me, but it had the reverse effect, it felt like a huge weight off my shoulders, it was probably the first time I have had a good bawl since Elaine's funeral.

The next day I woke up feeling so much better, I think I need to let it out more often, but maybe not in a crowded pub!

The landlord was most impressed  at my efforts to attract a young 20 something pretty girl!  

So life is feeling better, not brilliant, just better, I'm in a lovely place surrounded by the most fantastic understanding friends plus the weather's getting warmer every day.

The motorhome is well and truly with its new owners, Im pleased to say they love her, you can read their blog here, plus I have linked their blog to my list.


  1. Paul I never picked you as the type that would do a Bob Hawke in a pub :-) But it's good to read you are feeling better!

    On a more serious note, I want to impose on you for some information. We have commenced preliminary planning for our move back to Oz (it was always going to happen) and I remember you writing about having your effects packed and sent to the shipper. I know the move didn't take place, but would you recommend the shipper? Also, did they give any indication on how long it would take between accepting the possessions and delivery in Oz. I'm a little concerned our small number of boxes might stay in UK storage for months whilst the shipper waits for enough boxes to fill a container!

    Finally, any idea how (whether) Brexit will affect your residence in Spain?

    Tom nb Waiouru

  2. Hi guys, sent you an email....Paul

  3. Hi Paul, Good to know you are letting it all out - even if spasmodically! I remember when my mum died, my dad cried little and often, over little things and big things. I really admired how he felt comfortable with leaking from the eyes every now and then. He didn't need us to comfort him, just to accept that he'd keep on doing it until he was ready to stop.
    So follow his example, and just let the tears flow as and when. You are doing what you need to as you need to - as I said to Jaq Biggs recently, every little step you take restores your strength, and it's a fair old journey you're on.
    Cheers and hugs, Marilyn, nb Waka Huia