Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Heading Back To The Cold

Its been a busy week dealing with the Spanish bureaucracy, the car is nearly on Spanish plates after about six weeks of mucking about with paperwork, the motorbike is also very nearly in my name, I started doing that about 14months ago!!   The Spanish love their paperwork, they are still stuck in the Franco era, its unbelievably hard to do basic things such as car transfers etc.  I sent the slip to the DVLA to say that the car had been exported, less than a week later my car tax was refunded.

It will very interesting to see what happens when the full Brexit comes in to play, the poms think that nothing will change in Spain, I think they are in for a big shock, they wont kick any of the pommie immigrants out but the the ones who want to come and settle in Spain will be treated like any other non European and will have to apply for visas at great expense, plus be prepared  sort through the dreaded paperwork. 

In saying that, its a great place to live, the weather is fantastic, the roads are deserted,  the beaches are lovely, it makes for a nice stress free lifestyle.

Its also fantastically cheap to eat out, today we went to a lovely little restaurant just outside of Mojacar in the village of Sopalmo.

A three course meal and drinks came to 12 Euros a head including a tip!!

In the last few days we have the Spanish air force dogfighting in the skies above Mojacar, they did one flypast that was absolutely ear shattering, the windows in the villa rattled, it was a fantastic sight.

Yesterday they were practicing rescuing people from the sea.

Its also been a sad week for me as I have been clearing out the motorhome in preparation for it to be sold. Its been quite sad removing all the memorabilia from our mobile  house, we had some fantastic adventures in her and Im sure her new owners will be delighted with her.

It looks like she will be going to a lovely couple from Oz .They have been reading about our adventures and want to do the same, they will be picking her up from Spain in late Feb. I would have loved to have kept her, but.....she is on English plates, English insurance and MOT etc. To keep her here permanently it would have to be put on Spanish plates which would be a costly nightmare, even the tow bar would have to be removed because it wasn't fitted in the factory.  

She is looking fantastic inside and out.

I may look for a smaller Spanish motorhome after she has gone, but they are very expensive and tatty compared with ones from the UK or other European countries, there is no hurry so I will think about my options.

As the title says Im off to the cold UK tomorrow, the dogs are going back in the kennels for a week. Im flying into my old home town of Luton tomorrow, I will go and visit my ailing  mum in Bedford hospital on Friday then drive to Macclesfield Friday afternoon. Saturday its off to Manchester to watch the mighty Manchester Utd play with great friends Ray and Diane (NB Ferndale). Sunday and Monday will be catching up with friends and relos in Macclesfield plus a quick visit to The East Cheshire Hospice. Tuesday I will drive down to Maidstone to catch up with Elaine's sister. Wednesday back to visit mother in hospital.   Thursday I fly back to sunny Mojacar......phew.

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  1. A lot going on Paul, all the best with selling the motorhome and hope you have a good journey back here to the UK and you find you mum as well as you might expect. Enjoy the footie and say hello to the Ferndales from us. Stay safe, kind regards from both of us. x