Sunday, November 19, 2017

All Packed!

Finished packing up the car today, hopefully I will be coming back here in a few months, so I'm just taking important documents re our life in Australia, the UK and Spain, clothes, doggie coats, blankets and beds etc. Also packed all the electronic gadgets and chargers.

I have actually surprised myself with my organisational skills as you can imagine my head wasn't in a good place.

The vet was incredibly helpful and opened on Saturday morning so I could take Sammie up there to get his stitches out plus sort out the pet passports for their return to the UK, she charged me 6 euros!!

I got another friend to translate the medical report into English so the the UK Dr's can read it.

Sorting out the transfer of insurance from Bupa Spain to Bupa UK took me a couple of hours on the phone but we managed it in the end, the stumbling block was that you have to have 2 years continuous insurance with Bupa Spain before Bupa UK will accept it, but I used to be in Bupa Australia for 16 years and transferred that to Spain, so once I found the transfer papers for that we were sorted as I could prove that I had over two years continuous health care with Bupa, they wont insure you if there is a break in insurance of one day!

Health wise  I'm feeling great, the headaches and noises in my head have eased off a lot. I'm really hoping that's a good sign.

  The signs of a brain tumour are....

Severe persistent headaches, seizures (fits) Nausea, vomiting, weakness or paralysis of different parts of your body, vision or speech problems etc

I have had headaches, but not severe and only for 15 minutes, a feeling of pressure in my head and very loud tinnitus.

But the scan doesn't lie, even I can see it with my untrained eye.

Meanwhile back in the UK my brother, and his wife Tracy, have completely decorated my room, had new carpet laid with the help of a friend, and bought me a new bed. I feel so lucky to have a lovely family.

Its been a bit hard here saying goodbye to friends.

This one was really hard as she has been my biggest help in Mojacar bar none, she a a most beautiful lady inside and out, she left for a short holiday back to her hometown in Holland this morning so yesterday was our  see you later moment. 

Then Australia got flogged in the rugby, but the mighty Man Utd had a great win later.

I will say a goodbye to the rest of my friends down here on Tuesday night, it will be a early doors in the pub, I dont want a late night as we will be off at sparrows the next morning.

Its also going to be very hard saying goodbye to this view and my lovely villa but hopefully it wont be for too long.

Finally thank you for the king words, offers of houses to stay in and  boats to live on.  It really does mean so much and does lift my spirits.

I really do love yous all xxxxxx 


  1. Safe travels to you and the boys Paul - make sure you stay out of trouble with the French police.

  2. Wow you really are super organised, Paul. I hope the journey to the UK is a good one and how wonderful to have such support when you get here. Take care x

  3. Hi Paul,

    Not been on the computer of late and both Vic and I were shocked at catching up on your blog. We wish you well and hope that it won't be long until you are back in Mojacar, a place you call home now. Good luck with just everythng xx

  4. Dear Paul, I was so sorry to hear today that your wife Elaine has passed away. I found your blog and spent time looking and reading about your journey. I now have read your most recent post and am so sorry to hear your news. Hoping for miracles, thinking of you and Elaine by your side. Love Sonia

  5. Thinking of you Paul,our best wishes are with you. safe trip back to the UK. Greg and Sheila