Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Tumour Update

Its a bloody big tumour, but without going into all the details I now have to go to a neurosurgeon to sort out all sorts of tests to find out if its operable, is it benign or malignant is it a primary or secondary cancer.

The big problem is that Mojacar as lovely as it is is in the middle of nowhere so I would have to travel to a Major city which would mean  hotels, dogs in kennels and most importantly the language barrier would be horrendous especially with someone poking around in my bonce.

Sooooo  Im going back to the UK, I can transfer my medical insurance with Sanitas back to BUPA in the UK so I wont be a burden on the NHS.

Its all happening very quickly, my brother is flying out next Tuesday  so we will jump in the Jaguar and head back next Wednesday.

I will just shutdown the villa and hope that one day I will return to this lovely part of the world.

I have also contacted the real estate chappie back in Oz to put the place on the market, once again Im never going back there so why keep it.  I will then decide on whether to buy somewhere in the UK.

Its all very surreal but at least I know what I'm up against and it will be so much easier in the UK.

Thanks for all the kind words xxxx


  1. Gobsmacked Paul... let me know if there's anything I can do when you get back to Blighty.

  2. So sorry to hear that. Fingers cross you get good new when you see Uk doctors.

  3. It has been expressed on the earlier messages but I will say it anyway...WTF!!!I wish you well and good fortune as you deal with this. Regards. Paul..... (from the great white north)

  4. Don’t know to say Paul other than stay strong and take care! Paula x

  5. Oh My God!!! Safe travels back to the UK Paul and if we can do anything please let us know. Hugs to you and the boys.

  6. You can beat this Paul!! Brenda and I are thinking about you back in Canada.

  7. I am lost for words, Paul. Life really is a b***h sometimes. Stay strong. Jennie and Chris.

  8. Jeez Paul you don't do things by halves. I suppose if it's bloody big then it won't be hard to find and remove. Best of luck!

    Not sure if you are aware but the Oz property market is flatter than a squashed lizard. Not the best time to sell if you can avoid it!

  9. Yes, you are right, it will all be easier in England. Good luck with everything and, if you feel up to it, keep us all posted.
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  10. Hi Paul, That is crap news indeed, mate!
    You do seem to be super-organised in sorting out the real estate stuff, the getting back to the UK and the health insurance - well done - that is some achievement when also dealing with very stressful news. And it's wonderful that you have family support to help you through.
    You also know that you have a large groups of friends in your 'blog family' who stuck with you through El's illness and they will be with you this time too.
    If you can, please keep us posted - if you can't, please can you make sure that your brother can do so through your blog? As you know, we will all be keen for news of you, and those who are in the UK will, I am sure, be keen to visit, and the rest of us who are on the other sides of the world will email/comment so that you know we are thinking of you and sending virtual hugs.
    Kia kaha, Paul, as we say in NZ, awhi, awhi, awhi.
    Big hugs,
    Marilyn and David (nb Waka Huia)

  11. Argh Paul, so sorry to read this, keep your positive attitude. Safe journey back & take care, big hugs & love Ali & John x

  12. Hello. I stumbled on your blog this morning via a google search about vets in ile de re and have been reading it since then spending a large proportion with tears in my eyes. Elaine was obviously a remarkable woman. All the very best with your treatment