Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Waiting Around

I have registered with a local Dr and have an appointment tomorrow, once I get the referral I then have to ring BUPA and find a neurologist, I dont know how it all works I just hope things start to move along so I can get some answers.

I haven't been doing a lot because there is not a lot I can do until I know what I am up against.

I have been walking around the area with the boys, the canal is just a few mins away plus there is a disused railway walk.

I had to take a photo of one of the thousands of roundabouts in Milton Keynes. 

Niece Kimberley has been starting work a bit later so she has a play with the three dogs before going to sort her horses out and going to work. 

Today I took the boys for a walk up to Dunstable Downs which was a regular haunt when I lived in Luton. 

The gliding club sits at the bottom of the downs

I didn't stay too long as it was freezing!

Thanks for all the kind words guys, it means a lot xxxx 


  1. Thinking of you,hope you get some answers soon.Greg

  2. Hi Paul, It's good to know that you are keeping your spirits up as best you can, and keeping fit too - that will stand you in good stead during and after surgery/treatment.
    It's also great to see the love and support you have from your family.
    Kia kaha, mate. It's a hard road you are travelling so take it easy.
    Big hugs, Marilyn (nb Waka Huia and now motorhome owner in NZ - yay!! By the way, thanks for your advice and thoughts while we were searching!)

  3. Sending loads of love and best wishes Paul....some cracking photos here...Take good care xxx