Sunday, November 26, 2017

Back In The USSR...

Sorry I mean UK.

We had a good easy drive through Spain and France.

I drove for a couple of hours everyday, brother Russ did the rest.

Zaragoza was our first stop, it is a truly stunning city.

The view from the hotel wasn't too shabby.

We went for a walkabout before it got too dark, it was pretty damn cold.

We had a beer and kebab before heading back to the hotel for an early night.

The dogs travelled very well in their respective nests,

We had lunch on the road! 

We had another stop in Tours, France. It was a bit of a crummy hotel so we treated ourselves to a nice French restaurant nearby, an added bonus was that it was dog friendly.

Another early night and early start.

We arrived at the Channel tunnel terminal with plenty of time to spare. I booked the night before and chose a later crossing as it was £100 cheaper, however when we got there I asked if we could get an earlier train, no problem and no extra charge, it was the quickest I have ever caught the train, about 30 mins from arriving to boarding.

We had a quick stop at Elaine;s sisters house then left on to the last leg to Milton Keynes.

Then disaster!!! Friday night on the M25, The Woolwich ferry was out of action , the Blackwall tunnel was shut to trucks so the queue for the Dartford tunnel was horrendous, we didn't move for an hour and a half! 

We made it home about 20.00 Friday night, we left Mojacar at 09.00 Wednesday morning. 

Many thanks to brother Russel for doing a sterling job driving everyday, especially the last day, he drove for 10 hours.

My room is lovely, all freshly decorated and with a brand new bed, got to love family x

Saturday morning I went for a walk with Russell and the doggies to the lake which is 5 mins from their house.   

Today (Sunday) I went for a walk along the canal towpath at Soulbury and popped in the 3 locks for a pint, my first one in over 2 months!

Tomorrow I will start the hardest part of this journey, dealing with the gruppenfuhrer running the local Drs surgery.  

My Dr is in Macclesfield so I have to register with one in MK and you just know its going to be fun.

It should just be a simple matter of getting a referral from the Dr, ringing up BUPA and making an appointment with a neurologist and setting everything in motion.

I'm not sure how long I can keep writing the blog, I'm making so many errors, it normally takes me about 30 mins to write some drivel and put some pics on, now its taking at least an hour and a half. I dont know whether its  the affect or is it effect lol  of the tumour, or is it that there are so many things  going through my muddled brain that I cant concentrate.  


  1. Take it easy my friend, we will all be keeping you in our minds.

  2. Write only when you feel able Paul, don't feel obligated, we'll all understand I'm sure. Best of luck with the medics & pen-pushers...

  3. And ditto from me as well. Take care of yourself. xx

  4. Take care Paul, don’t overdo things and let us know how you are when and if you feel able. Paula x