Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Electric Blankets

Does anyone out there use electric blankets on their boats?
We are a bit girly down here, and use them when the temperature plummets to below 10 degrees C :-)
Looks like they only draw about 60-80w. If you were hooked up to shore power it wouldn't be a problem and I am pretty sure a 3000 watt inverter would be ok as well?


  1. Hi Paul and Elaine
    We have friends who use their electric blanket when connected to shore power in the winter. We personally never needed them, the invertor would have been ok but we turned our invertor off every night due to the noise of the fan in the bedroom when it was running.

  2. You wont need electric blankets on a boat - we all keep the fire gently going all night and that keeps the boat toastie.