Monday, May 23, 2011

Sanctuary Cove Boatshow 2011

Just got back from 4 days at the Sanctuary Cove  boat show, we had a good show with plenty of good leads.

Sanctuary Cove is on the Gold Coast in Queensland.  Personally,  I cant see the attraction of the Gold Coast -  it is the Botox capital of Australia and a lot of the women can be only be described as "flash trash" as in mostly white clothes, huge gaudy sun glasses, dripping in gold and with over-inflated silicon-enhanced assets! The men are the same but without the silicon assets. 

The houses are described as McMansions and are a tribute to bad taste.  I'm not sure if there is anywhere like it in the UK; Miami in the states is similar. 

We stayed in a hotel a few kms outside of Sanctuary Cove and travelled to and from the show by boat which was nice, plus they had a bar on board!

So if all goes to plan that will be my last show in Australia.

I am really looking forward to living the life on the cut and enjoying the natural beauty it offers, and the only silicon will be for sealing up windows!  

Palm Beach Picnic cruiser, we supply most of  the engine room parts for them

Motley Crew !
Police boat 
Nice Catamaran
$15,000,000 Boat!!

You could buy approx 58 narrowboats for 1 of these.
The Show
The Show
The Show
Sanctuary Cove
Sanctuary Cove Terrace Houses
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