Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wedding Anniversary Weekend

This weekend was our wedding anniversary so we spent the weekend in the city. We stayed at a very nice hotel (The Shangri-La) with fantastic views from our room, plus there was a bar on the top floor with even better views of Sydney and its suburbs. The hotel is situated in the Rocks area of Sydney, which is where Sydney was first inhabited by the pommie convicts in 1788.  The area in now a tourist Mecca, with a multitude of shops, market, pubs, restaurants etc.
Whilst were in the Rocks we bought Elaine a Driza-bone coat which we are sure will come into full use in England!  It also fits me (Paul) - so we can share it in the rain! 
For our anniversary next year we will be spending it in a canalside pub - it will be interesting to compare the pictures from now and then ! :) 
Our room

Elaine posing in window

Original Aussie Pub

Say no more (it's a sign !!!!!)

Our hotel on right

Elaine Modelling her new Driza-Bone coat

View from our room

View from our room

Manly ferry arriving at the city 

Does it need a description

Bridge at night

Early morning on the bridge
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