Sunday, May 29, 2011

Relative Weekend

Saturday morning 5.00am and we were at Sydney airport picking up Elaine's nephew Anthony from Macclesfield UK.

He is in Sydney for 4 months as in intern at a Sydney finance firm. We spent Saturday going shopping and setting him up with a mobile phone plus getting him some essentials for his stay in his digs.  We took him to his digs on Saturday night and met some of the other Italian, Brazilian and German students who are also staying in the lodge whilst they are in Sydney working, studying and learning  English etc.

We are trying to get him to stay with us as the lodge is a bit of a dump, but the people there seem ok.  It would mean a daily 1 hour commute from our place to his work on a bus, ferry and train but at least he would have his own room here and a bit of comfort.

Today is Anthony's 21st birthday so we took him out to Hugos restaurant in Manly which is a very nice joint right on the wharf, afterwards we went to the Manly Wharf Hotel, which is a trendy bar for the beautiful young people so Elaine and I fit in there very well!  Then the good old jetlag kicked in so we took Anthony back to his digs for a good night's sleep before he starts work in the morning. Felt a bit buggered myself as I was up at 4.15 am this morning watching Man Utd getting flogged by Barcelona 3-1  :(

So nothing about narrow boats apart from we told Anthony he is most welcome to visit us on the boat when we have a big flight of locks coming up....21 young and fit you know what I mean!!

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  1. Ha ha ha ! Yeah, i got your point and what i think is ferry would be comfortable to travel than choosing train. I think there are many cheap ferries(promy do) to travel.