Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Elaine here !  I am having a 'post-op' bludge day today - having had knee surgery yesterday!

When we decided to get going with our plan to go Narrowboating earlier this year, I went into a bit of a panic about my knees - which had been pretty shonky for many years (actually, back from the days of doing Aerobics a la Jane Fonda style .. there, that has shown my age !). So -  I commenced getting them re-looked at.  Anyway - it culminated in my having one sorted out yesterday ... not a big operation but just allowing the ITB muscle to release my knee cap so it can sit straight - and so that the spur that had evolved on the edge of it will stop grating against it !

Anyway, I am up and about again today - not sure if I am really supposed to be up and about but it's not hurting, so I guess it's OK!  I am actually making some creams up for some clients - exactly what you do on your post-op day eh?  Nuts or what ?!  I guess it is therapeutic for me - so that is the best medicine - that, and being home with my boys all day !

I'm off to the physio tomorrow for some intensive re-training of my knee muscles - ouch !  Hopefully when I get them sorted out I will be feeling more confident about climbing in and out of that boat and strutting my stuff along the towpaths !   Fingers crossed !

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