Sunday, July 17, 2011

Balmoral Beach

We took the dogs for a Sunday afternoon stroll along Balmoral Beach.
Balmoral is one of Sydney Harbour's more affluent suburbs, which is situated on the harbour across from Manly.
It has a nice boardwalk to walk along and is normally very busy on a Sunday, but today's weather was a bit 'how-ya-goin' (Aus slang for a bit dodgy) so there were not many people about.
It has a very nice harbour pool which is protected by a shark net! There has not been a fatal shark attack on Sydney harbour since 1963, and she probably would not have died if the ambulance hadn't got stuck at the bottom of a very steep hill leading down to the harbour.  Poor lady died of blood loss by the time she got to hospital, mind you it did bite her leg off!  Since then all of the harbour pools have had protective shark nets installed!
Also at Balmoral beach are a couple of very nice (and expensive) restaurants, Anthony has said he will treat us to a Sunday lunch before he returns to the UK, should only set him back about $500.00!!   (Is that OK, Trev?)

Walking dogs on beach....hanging offence!!
Middle Head lighthouse
Manly Ferry crossing Sydney Heads
Its warmer in the water!!!
View along part of Balmoral Beach
looking across to Manly
Large Fig Tree, plus Ant, Elaine, Bombo and Sam!
Balmoral Harbour pool
El and the boys
Bathers Pavilion Restaurant
Shall we jump the gap?
So, why can't I go on the beach?
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  1. They may not hang you Paul but you could be 'transported' back to the UK...

  2. They are sending me away on Wednesday :-)