Monday, July 4, 2011

A weekend away ...

This weekend, Paul, Anthony, Bombo and Sam (2 dogs!) and myself (Elaine) went down south for a bit of a mini- break - and to show Anthony (our nephew here on a 'working holiday') some sights other than this end of town!

So - on Saturday morning we headed off for Sussex Inlet (click this link for more info!)  Sussex Inlet is about 3 hours drive from our place - so it was a little 'road trip' too !

This is a pic of the view down the coast - when we stopped for a cuppa (and a guilty cake!)

... and here is our lovely - doggy friendly - cottage.  We stayed at a place called Calm Waters Holiday Cottages which are 5 restored 1940's classic beach style cottages with panoramic water views. 

The view from our cottage !
Sussex Inlet is set on a waterway between St Georges Basin and the sea.  Much of the town is built around a system of tidal canals (just to get our canal fix before we can get to the UK !) 

Anthony capturing the moment !
Ah - the serenity !
Black Swan

Bit of local wildlife !  Last time we saw them along the edge of the water ... 
... but this time they were in the 'bottlo' car park !!!!
We took a little boat out on the water ... it was such a beautiful 'winter's' day - as you can see the dogs have their winter woolies on as it was just a bit breezy when we got goin ... !
Ant and Paul (plus 'crew-dogs' Sam and Bombo)

 The local rescue boats ... 
I (Elaine) had a go at driving the thing as Paul reckoned it was similar to the way a Narrow boat feels - well, let's just say I am not a 'natural boater' and I didn't much like driving that little vessel !  However, I am assured that Narrowboats handle very differently ... hmmmmm !  An had a drive too but he was really good - just a few pointers on speeding and 'not creating wash' from Paul !
Pelican ... can't be a comfy position??
Ant and Sammy 
Percy Pelican in flight ! 
and again !  They really are dinosaurs aint they ?
Capt Paul and Sam and Bombo 
Rescue boats again 
Elaine and Sammy
Sam was loving checking out the wildlife !
We drove back home via Berry and Kangaroo Valley (click links for more info) - Ant was flagging by the time we got to Kangaroo Valley and was snoozing with Bombo in the back of the car (these poms just can't handle the 'road trips'!!)   In Berry we always stop at our favourite shop - Barking Mad, Berry - which is a brilliant doggie boutique !  We couldn't resist (well I couldn't) buying Sammy a 'bubble' coat for when we get into the cold weather of the UK !  He looks so cool in it .. has a little fur lined hoodie too (detachable, of course) !!!  He will be the talk of the cut ! We will get Bombo a doggie Driza Bone as he has a lot of fur to keep him warm, whereas Sammy is a bit sparse in the fur-department ! 
Whistler Chocolate Hoodie
Sammy's new coat ! 
I know - I'm sad - but it is soooo cute !  Mind you, I can't remember seeing any dogs wearing coats in the UK last year !  They will definitely stand out like the pampered pooches they are, trotting along the tow path ! 
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