Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last Night on the Cut

Just got back on the boat after dinner at The Anchor Pub, which is just north of Nuneaton on the Coventry Canal.

Tomorrow we have to be back at the hire base at 8.30am!

It has been a fantastic trip with great weather, I even have a tan, something I avoid at all cost back in OZ, we have done 115 miles in the week so am feeling a bit buggered! I feel when you hire a boat you have to keep moving as much as possible, we have stopped at pubs every lunch and dinner time.

I envisage when we live on a boat as a CCr it will be a lot less hectic with a lot more time to have a look around towns and villages that you pass.

Really enjoyed seeing lots of dogs on the boats, being walked along the towpath and being in most of the pubs.

Tomorrow I pick up a hire car and are off to Luton to catch up with old school friends, Saturday is mothers surprise 80th Birthday party and then Sunday off to Macclesfield.

One thing that I have really noticed is that with the strength of the Aussie dollar, England seems incredibly cheap, Its like going to Bali!!  

I will post pics and do a more detailed account of my week on the hire boat when I get back to OZ 

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