Sunday, July 24, 2011

NB Dove Valley

We are on the third day of our narrow boat adventure - so far so good, we are having a ball !

We are in a pub at Weedon at the mo and they have high speed internet so I can blog at last, but I left the camera cable on the boat so I cant add any pics.

A bit of excitement today as we were rammed by a private boat today who pushed us into another boat, but no damage done and he did apologise.

So this is the first time we have seen any news as we haven't listened to any TV or radio. Looks like we missed some pretty bad news what with The Norwegian Nutter and poor old Amy Winehouse.  Our biggest news story was that yesterday we saw a bull with the biggest bollocks I have ever seen!!!

I will try and put some pics on when we can get the dongle gadget working  I've got some good pics of me driving the boat side by side from lock to lock with a private boater; first time I have done that, certainly saves time.

More to come later..... Oxford UK

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