Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rough Start to UK Trip

We live about 35ks from Sydney airport and normally I get a cab to the airport, but as I had a late afternoon flight and was in no hurry I thought I would use public transport.

Had a bit of a lie in and then we took the dogs for a walk down to Manly and had a nice breakfast. Just after 12.15 El took me down the wharf and I got on the Manly Ferry to the city, I have done this trip hundreds of times over the last 30 years and always enjoy it. They have a standard PA announcement about staying inside if its a bit rough, but today the captain came on the PA system and said they everyone must be inside and all doors would be locked due to very rough seas between the heads. The heads are the entrance to Sydney Harbour, North and South Head, and as such the area between the heads is open to the sea and can get very rough! He basically said that it will be be very rough so don't panic and HOLD ON!! Man he wasn't kidding it was bloody great it only lasts for about 10 minutes out of the 35 minute trip but it is just the best roller coaster ride, and all for $6.00.

After that is is a very short walk across to the railway station and a quick trip to the International terminal.

It then got a lot better as I got upgraded to Business I am up on the top deck with the flat bed etc, so I will get a good sleep.

I am writing this from the business lounge with all the free trimmings as in beer, wine and food etc

I am going to enjoy this flight.      

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