Sunday, January 15, 2012

Brother Russ's take on the Caxton Handover

From Russ ...

"We went to do the handover on a cold and crisp winter morning but the sky was clear.  We found the basin easy enough and the first test was ... how warm was the boat? Well, it passed with flying colours;  it was so warm and toasty and that was just with the fire on low!

The next test was how light was it ...again, no worries there !  It was very light what with the side hatches, light paintwork and the Houdini hatches.

How much room was there? I was surprised with how roomy it felt, even with 2 big dogs in it - it didn’t feel at all cramped.

The bathroom was nice and big and the shower was nice and powerful (no we didn’t have a shower Joe just demonstrated it!)

We were there for 5 hours with a trip to the pub thrown in and as you said Lesley and Joe are a very nice couple. They made us feel so welcome ... it was an excellent day.

I’m sure Elaine is going to love the boat (if I give it back to you) as I know I did; there is storage for everything and it is such a neat and tidy boat. They have covers for everything and I liked the cover for the semi trad end.

When I took the pictures the sun was starting to go down so the pictures don’t perhaps show the true extent of how light it is inside.

Tracy has videoed all the handover and I have all the manuals ... "

Thanks Russ and Tracy and Lesley and Joe  - what would we have done without you !  Oh - we sooooo can't wait to get there !  We are ever hopeful of selling our house soon ....
Elaine and Paul :)

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