Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Caxton Handover

My brother and his other half are off to Stourport this weekend to meet Joe, Lesley and the boys and go through a handover with them.  Just wish we could be there, mind you they are going to video it!

We had a bit of a problem with the insurance as in they will not insure you unless you are a UK resident, although they couldn't tell me the reason why~ Not a problem though as we will put the boat in my brother's name, and we can use it with his permission down the track :-)

When the stoppages are finished in March, bruv and crew will move the boat closer to his home in Milton Keynes.  Any suggestions on safe secure marinas north of Milton Keynes would be appreciated!  Once it is there he will be able to use it whenever, having worked in the boating industry for the last 31 years you soon come to realise that the best way to ruin a nice boat is to let it sit idle on a marina.

Another thing we have to change is the name, but I think we will wait 'till we arrive over there to work out how to do it; we want it very simple as in THE MANLY FERRY and maybe a small Aussie flag or pic of the Manly Ferry.

Finally once again thanks to Lesley, Joe, Russell and Tracy who have made the whole exercise very simple for us; not sure its been so  simple for them !


  1. Congratulations you two, even though you've stolen my boat! There are some boats that I think "if ever they come up for sale...." and Caxton topped the list but unfortunately those dirty rotten scoundrels Joe & Lesley opted for a new boat way ahead of my financial planning!

    Bet you're itching to be on board, hope the next few months sail by for you (geddit?!) until your plans can fall into place. And what a super boat you'll be living the dream on as well :) Wish I was your brother!

    Regards, Aly

  2. Thank you for bying me a narrowboat
    Russell and Tracy

  3. We've been at Kingfisher Marina at Yardley Gobion for about 3 years now and it's perfect for us. It's small, friendly and secure, and right next to Baxter's Boatyard.

    NB Sophie-Jane No.2

  4. Dave
    Thanks for that I will have a google and check it out.

  5. Looking forward to seeing you out and about on the canals - Caxton is a lovely boat and I'm sure you'll have a great time.

    I'm sure that someone has pointed out the ritual for changing a boat's name but just in case......

    I don't know whether is applies to the inland waterways but as the ritual involves a lot of champagne it may be worth preserving :-)

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  6. Ooh ... I love it ! It certainly sounds worth doing - shame you have to pour half the champagne into the cut though !!! Elaine x