Saturday, January 28, 2012

Open House Number.....Lost Count !

We have lost count of the open houses we have had, but as we put the house on the market in early September and we have had an open day every weekend plus quite a few in between weekends it adds up to rather a lot!

So back to today...... 36 people (or 18 couples) came through!  Bloody amazing!  Six of them (3 couples) were on second looks so it is starting to look very promising!  I'm pretty sure there will be another interest rate cut next week, so that should also spark a bit more interest and loosen the purse strings.  We are now waiting for the offers to flood in!

Now for my whinge of the day ... it gets my dander up when we get comments from people who live in the UK and think that we must be nuts to move over there ...what with 'the unemployment, too many foreigners, Cameron having stuffed up the economy, crap weather, the Olympics being a waste of money' etc etc.

We are not going over there to make a shed load of money or for a career change or spend 8 hours a day sat on the M25!

We are going for a lifestyle change, and for one, not working will be a big change!  We want to see England from a completely different perspective and at a relaxed pace, catch up with family and old friends and of course to have an adventure!   We both feel very privileged to have Australian and UK passports and to have such a choice of where and how we live.

When I left Vauxhall in 1980 and went on a round-the-world adventure (only got as far as Sydney) they thought I was mad to leave such a good company with excellent prospects!  I proved them wrong as we will prove the current doomsayers wrong also!

Whinge over and out ! :)


  1. Life is what you make it wherever you live - especially when we are comparing two 'western' societies with so much in common.. It is a great shame if one can't feel positive and loyal about the UK when you have the priviledge of being a UK resident - you do have an option though...leave, the Country won't miss you and you apparently won't miss the Country.
    As for those like Paul and Elaine wanting to come here cruise our wonderful unique canal network, won't regret it.

  2. Thanks so much Lesley - we really, really appreciate that ! Hope you are settling in well to Yarwood ... El x