Monday, January 2, 2012

Mini Road Trip

As today was the last day of the Xmas/New Year hols we thought we would go for a mini 'road trip' up to Morpeth, which is a historic river port about a 2.5 hour drive north of Sydney. "River Port" ...  sorry, it's the closest we can get to a canal link !

I took the dogs for a walk around the block before we left so we wouldn't have to stop for wee breaks. Sam was so hot when we got back he climbed into a bowl of water that Elaine had left on the floor. The poor dogs really suffer in the heat, hence the reason to travel to the other side of the globe!

Sam in bowl of water
We took off up the F3 free-way and battled with the crap Aussie drivers; there was only one smash ... mind you it was on a clear blue sky day on a dead straight piece of motorway and he still ran up the arse of a big 4wd....I absolutely despair of their horrendous driving.  Moving get a nice view of the Hawkesbury River as you head north.
Hawkesbury River
When we got to Morpeth the temperature had risen to 38 degrees!
Morpeth Post Office
We walked through the centre (there is only 1 main street) and had a look in some of the shops but it was so hot we thought we would head down to the river ...
Hunter River
We got down to the river but we couldn't really reach the water - apart from at the boat ramp - so it was there that poor old Sammy went in for another cool down ... (Bombo gets hot too but he doesn't like the water !)
Sam cooling off
The local pub was very quiet, in fact the whole town was pretty quiet; maybe most people had headed off to the beaches - which would have been a more sensible thing to do on such a hot day!
Morpeth Pub
There were a lot of lizards on the pavement, who were competing with the sparrows for tidbits of food ...

Lizard vs sparrow
The dogs were really interested in the lizards - even Sammy forgot about the heat for a while !
As you can see the roads are very wide in the country towns...
Morpeth high street
On the way back we went the long way round avoiding the free-way,  It is very green at the moment as they had a really wet December. We stopped for a pint and and nibbles at the Wollombi Pub before heading off home in the late afternoon.
Nice greenery 
Back to work tomorrow :-(

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  1. Great Post, Lovely to see some of the country, Poor Sam and Bombo, hope they don't find it too cold over here! Happy New Year to you both and we wish you every success in starting your travels this year.