Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas and Hopes for a New Year

We spent Christmas day at a friend's house with about 24 other Poms ...well, the parents are all Poms!
It was a great day with plenty of seafood, booze and a few stupid games.

This is a pic of yours truly and a couple of our friends ... Patty, who was hosting the Christmas do and Howard.  I worked with Howard at Vauxhall Motors Luton over 30 years ago!

Me Patty and Howard
This is Elaine with Patty and Sue ... I met both Patty and Sue when we first came to Oz in 1980/81
Sue Elaine and Patty
The buffet, plenty of prawns, salmon, ham, turkey and an assortment of salads...
Playing celebrity head, I was Justin Bieber! We have a lot in common (!)
Celebrity Head
This is a pic of Ally and myself ... she has now gone on a big adventure to South America; I worked with Howard at Vauxhall but also I went to school in Luton with Ally's mum, Sue!

Ally and me
So, that was Christmas out of the way, next we had New Years Eve. We went to a Singaporean restaurant with some friends, then at about 11pm wandered down to the Harbour to watch the spectacular fireworks; we took some pics but they never do it justice.  I'm sure you all watched it on the box.  We watched the UK fireworks on the tele this morning - they were brilliant !  Today we are having a lazy day, I even went into the pool, which was bloody freezing still!  The weather hasn't been that hot so far this summer but today was a very nice 27 degrees - far from the heat we are used to every year.  After I have finished the blog we are going down the beach to finish off the day.

Frozen Nuts
So where do we go from here?   2011 was a bit of a dud on the narrowboat front, we had heaps of plans but it always came back to the same old problem, we must sell the house!  Right at the end of 2011 we made some pretty huge decisions on what we were going to do next to achieve the dream ... all I can say at the moment is that the wheels are now in motion - hopefully we should be on our way up to the Northern hemisphere in about spring time ... fingers and everything still crossed, mind you !

I now notice that the British Government has now changed the rules re bringing animals into the UK; the rabies quarantine period has gone from 6 months down to 3 weeks.  Had they done this 6 months ago the house would have been sold and we would have been chugging along by now. Funny ol' life !

Never mind as we have said many times before, we and all the animals are healthy and we live very well in a nice spot on the planet.  We are as ever optimistic, the big question is where will be spending next Christmas and the New Year?  We ere hoping for a nice little village pub with a sign outside saying......DOGS WELCOME  !

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