Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bombo and Sam's Excellent Adventure, part 2 - Stratford Upon Avon

Sam here....We left our mooring this morning and were soon buzzed very closely by the police helicopter, I reckon they were looking for the ever increasing amount of beer glasses that keep appearing on the boat!

We passed over a miniature version of the Ponty-whatever-its-name-was-Aqueduct...

Me and mum hung out of the window as we went over it. Nice view !

Then - just as Mum and Dad were whinging about there being soooo many locks we were suddenly in a place they call Stratford Upon Avon !  There were so many people and dogs and kids and ice creams and noise ...

We got one of the last berths in the marina and as a bonus its free!!  Plus it's right in the centre of the town.

Below here you can see our boat ... Caxton's big bum sticking out!!

So today I was given the job of tour guide of this quintessential English tourist town; I am not as smart as Bombo, but here goes it!

Here is an old building ...

Another old building and it appears to be a pub; I reckon the old man may drag us down there tonight!

Another old building ...

Doggy drinks.....bloody water!

Monument about another old Queen....lots of old Queens in this country ...

Spotted this butterfly, I am about to tear its wings off!
(Don't worry, animal lovers - it wasn't real!)

We went to the birthplace of some Sheikh Spear chap also known as the Bard; I think he is related to Bard Simpson!

Bombo started to act the fool with a fool ...

... and then, at last - after dragging us around a load of streets in the heat, we had a  nice cold beer in a garden.  Did I mention it was very hot today ...

Then, as we had a bit of time, I checked out and approved a few of today's shots ...

Finally me and my brother posed with a statue of Lady Bigmac Macbeth ... wierd lookin' chick !

We really enjoyed Stratford.  We are going to stay here for a couple of days then they keep talking about venturing onto our onto our first river, The Avon - dunno wot that is all about !
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  1. Have now located your blog! Good to have met you, albeit briefly. Have a good trip.


  2. Go on - venture out on to the river. We have just come down the Severn, interesting - very choppy never been that bad before on the Severn! We will be heading towards Stratford in the next few days.


  3. Just checking in.
    Looks like the dogs are enjoying the European lifestyle.
    Hope your all well.
    My tribe good