Thursday, August 23, 2012

Geoffrey Jumps Ship

Mr 'Get Knotted' delivered the bow rope fenders to us this morning, while we were filling with water opposite The Cape of Good Hope' pub - really excellent service  - he made such a good job of them.  We will just have to buy some saddles and fittings and get them fitted.

This is his workshop next to the pub.

The boys soon assumed the cruise position ...

We did a fair few locks today - most of which we shared with a very small boat 24ft (Bumble).  The lady was nice on NB Bumble but as she was doing it single-handed it did give us a bit more work to do !  

Earlier in the day we shared a lock in Warwick with a couple of lads -  had a bit of a chat and went along our separate ways.  When we stopped for the night at Long Itchington, they caught us up and again slowed down for a chat.  Out of the corner of my eye I suddenly saw Geoffrey (cat) leap from the gunnels (near the bow) of our boat onto the bow of their boat ... it was about a 3 foot gap!  (Even Elaine won't jump that far !!!!)  Geoffrey is over 20 years old!  If I hadn't seen him he would be on his way to the Kennett and Avon canal!  We had no idea how he had gotten out there in the first place - all the windows and door were seemingly closed - we can only think that he must have snuck through out legs (at the stern) while we were chatting !

Pictures below of Geoffrey being handed back to Elaine ...

Well, with all that excitement over we went for a walk down to the village to find a nice pub for dinner - the first two were very nice but a bit, no a big bit exy, so we ended up in The Duck on the Pond pub, it was bit of a dump, plus the food was a bit ordinary (and they got the order wrong), mind you it was cheap! 
Long Itchington Church
Queen Elizabeth 1 stayed here in 1572 and 1575!
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