Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hatton Flight

I would like to start like a lot of the other boatie blogs as in "up at 6.00am and boating by 7.00am" etc.  However, after now living aboard for nearly 5 months, we have to admit its a lost cause! It just ain't going to happen!

So ...  we were up just before 10.00am and were moving by 11.00am! Mind you, we didn't go to bed till 1.00am, which seems to be the norm for us; we like just chillin' in the boat, having a drink and listening to music, occasionally watching a bit of TV ... I must say, I thought Aussie TV was crap but UK TV is even worse!

It was a warm overcast day, so was just perfect for attacking the 21 locks of the Hatton flight.

First we went through the Shrewley Tunnel - the towpath is a separate tunnel, I would imagine its a wee bit dark in there.


We were motoring along on our own so we were a bit worried we would 'Nigel-No-Friend's going down the locks, but no, a boat was waiting at the top for a partner, woohoo!

An added bonus is that they were a couple of young' uns - the chap was like superman on speed and was running  and down setting up the next lock and then back to open the gates!

Lots of water spilling over the gates ...

We thank the crew of NB Alberta for a very efficient passage plus a good chat!

When we got to the bottom there were a lot of police cars and vans, plus lots of policeman; they have been searching the canal for a missing chap.
They even helped with the opening of the gates!

The divers were heading into the lock after we left to search it ...

Poor bugger has been missing for 3 weeks, lets hope that they find him.

We emptied the cassetes at the Saltisford Elsan and decided that we would call it quits for the day. Poor old Elaine was buggered, she is even threatening to learn to drive the boat!

Very shortly Sam and I are off down the Cape of Good Hope pub; El is staying on the boat soaking her feet in witchcraft potion (she damaged a tendon in her foot a few months before we left Aus and these long days stir it up again !) 

Tomorrow we have to get into Warwick to find a post office, so will check it all out in the process !
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