Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Sam and I had a good night in the pub last night ...first time we have been to a pub without Elaine and Bombo; Elaine stayed on the boat as her feet were hurting and Bombo stayed with her to keep her company!

Back to today, next door to the 'Cape of Good Hope' pub is 'Get Knotted', a chap that specialises in ropework and fenders etc, so we had a chat with him and he is going to make up a couple of rope fenders to run lengthways underneath the cratch cover to offer it some protection when coming into locks etc.  The poor old cratch cover is beginning to look a bit worse for wear !

As Elaine's feet were still hurting we caught the bus into town, dogs allowed of course!

Of course the main reason to head into town was to send off for our new Aussie passports and sort out UK drivers licences.  I have a full licence in Australia, as in I can drive any truck apart from a road train but the UK doesnt recognise the Aussie truck license ... the word must have reached here that Aussies are such crap drivers! They will transfer EEU licenses no problems, so looks like I wont be driving a truck in the UK.  Ah well :)

We had a quick walk around Warwick in between a few heavy showers, it was also a lot cooler today.

Impessive Warwick Castle - we couldn't get too close as we had the dogs with us ...

We walked down Mill Lane ...

And took another pic of the castle, from afar ...

Very nice garden at the bottom of Mill Lane ...

Back up towards the town centre passing one of the entrances to the castle ...

There was a nice church in the market square.  As you can see the sun had now come out so we had afternoon tea in the square.  They had a special on - so we had a pot of tea and cake for 99p!  Bloody bargain!  Whilst we were sitting there Elaine spied a shoe shop next door and popped in ...... 30 mins later it was back for my wallet and she later came back with 2 new pairs of shoes (actually one pair of sandals and one pair of new wellies - Elaine :))

To put the new shoes to the test we walked back to the boat, it was only about 30 mins away! 

We passed this old gaol door tucked away in an alley ...

The picture below is for our friend Sue in Sydney ... the English allotment, next to the railway of course!

We dropped the shoes etc. back on the boat and had a cuppa while Elaine researched what a Sloe berry looked like (we had found a bush in the morning that we thought were sloes) - turns out they were more likely wild damsons but not yet ripe, so no picking to do yet !!  Shame - so we all had to go to the 'Cape of Good Hope' pub instead!   I forgot the camera, but we will take a pic on the way past tomorrow. We both really liked this pub, no airs and graces, just a good old pub with very friendly staff and locals and dog-friendly of course!

We had a good chat with an Aussie who comes over every year for the English summer, to travel around on his narrowboat.  When he is back in Perth he heads off bush with his camper trailer, not a bad life!

We will head of tomorrow, not sure where to yet.  Brother Russ and Tracy are having the boat over the long weekend - we are having their car and heading of to Macclesfield, we are really looking forward to it.


  1. You need to have the boat pointing in a direction for when I get there

  2. Thought of you...I have just been reading Nevil Shute's 'Beyond the Black Stump' and the main charactors caught the Manly Ferry from Sidney!