Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Before we left Tipton I did a quick tag on the local church wall!

Nice little cruise into the centre of Birmingham, we passed a few of these islands, not sure what they were for, tolls maybe?

At this point it was left channel and 6 locks or right channel and no locks....Elaine grabbed the tiller, right channel it was! 

Lots of old and new bridges

Passing under M5 motorway 

The old and the new

Ironic, nearly every window was smashed

Pumping station

Nice Bridge

These were crankshafts on a conveyor belt, I checked with Mr Google and it looks like the company is called Darcast and makes cranks for a lot of British and overseas motor companies...good eh!

The dogs love the industrial scene...

We now entered the centre of Birmingham

This is our Pub of the Day, we went there for a drink later.  Although I try to maintain a positive blog with no whinging, it had the worst real ale I had ever tasted, I had to leave it!  Elaine's Merlot fared no better, pub looked good though!

Later in the evening we went for a Pizza at Red Peppers, very nice.
We will stay here for a couple of days.

Just heard a funny Olympic fact....More Yorkshiremen  have won a gold medal than the whole of the Australian team, Yorkshire would be in 5th place!

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