Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Birthday Girl

Today is Elaine's birthday - we were going to do lunch but the weather is so atrocious she didn't fancy going out in it.

She had a lot of cards and internet e-cards and greetings but the ultimate birthday card came from the Prime Minister and his missus ... apparently he follows the blog!  Who would have thought :)

Sue from Nb Festina Lente bought her a lovely daffodil plant, plus lots of old English sweeties ...

They were presented in a dog neck cone (wound healing neck protector) ... this is to stop Elaine gnawing at her stitches!  Seems to be working well!

As we missed out on lunch we planned to go out for dinner, but the weather was still absolutely appalling, so I nipped down and got a yummy Thai takeaway.  I managed a swift one in The Swan whilst waiting for the takeaway!

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  1. Birthday wishes to you Elaine, gosh maybe David is checking out on us boaters that we are not flooded out and are floating by looking at the blog!