Monday, February 10, 2014

Oh My Goodness Gracious Me

Today we had a Monday boaters afternoon tea with a difference, it was a bring your own curry day.

I made a chicken and mushroom curry, Elaine a lentil dahl, we kept them simmering away on the multi-fuel stove, ahh the smell of curry wafting through the boat. 


It was a very successful day with lots of different curries, accompaniments and desserts. We also had Indian beer and some very nice Moet & Chandon champers.  

Aston Marina is owned by the Webb family who also owns a very large plant hire company in Stafford. 

He had lots of his toys at work today driving some piles. We believe they are building a BBQ area.

I had an email from the fundraiser for The Christie hospital to say that we raised 3004 pounds yesterday! Not a bad result, and all in loose change.  


  1. Great work with the fund raising. I'm pleased I didn't have to count all the loose change!


    1. They had a coin counter at the ground and counted it in front of us so we could see how much we had collected,

  2. That's an amazing amount raised just with buckets of loose change - well done.x

    1. Thanks Pammie, I think the Mancs are very proud of their hospital and dont mind giving!