Monday, February 24, 2014

Its a First!

Being a Monday it is usually the traditional Aston Marina boaters get-together, today it was taking place at the Three Crowns pub. 

The 'first' is that I said NO, not today!  It was not that we didn't want to socialise or have a beer, it's just that we are getting closer and closer to leaving the marina and I keep putting off jobs to go to the pub etc. 

So needs must, I  removed all the fittings, cleaned up the walls ceiling and woodwork and masked it all up.

I then repainted it in exactly the same colour as we had a spare few litres in the cavernous forward hold.

After I finished painting we went and bought some dog and cat food.

Once back onboard I refitted all the fittings and the freshly washed curtains.  I don't mind saying it looks rather good!  It actually didn't look too bad before, just had a few annoying marks on the paintwork.

Elaine spent much of the day sorting out clothes for warmer climes and putting them in the motorhome, she also sorted and tidied up some of the many other storage cupboards. 

An early 5.00 am start tomorrow as we are off to Manchester again as Elaine has an early morning appointment.

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